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A La Carte FAQs

Emily Nicole Photography


Do you have a minimum investment for A La Carte orders?
Our A La Carte minimum investment is $500 before delivery/sales tax.

When should I place my A La Carte order?
You can order your A La Carte florals as early as 6 months prior to your event date and as late as 3 weeks (21 days) prior to your event date, pending availability. Orders submitted outside of this timeframe may be cancelled and refunded.

Can I mix and match collections?
Yes! So long as all items are for the same date and are going to the same address if opting for delivery.

Can I customize my A La Carte design?
We have created all of our A La Carte collections to ensure that you get beautiful florals for the best value possible, all with an accessible minimum investment. Because of this, we are unable to offer customizations to our A La Carte items. If you are looking for larger scale floral design for your event with full customization please check out our  Full-Service Wedding and Event Floral.

Will my flowers look exactly like the picture?
Absolutely not and that's the beauty of fresh flowers! Mother Nature is an amazing gal and she is ever changing. No two designs will ever be exactly the same, and your florals will be 100% unique to YOU.  We will; however, be sure to snag you the most stunning blooms available to create a similar shape, size, texture and color palette of the collection/items selected. Additionally, please note that we are unable to guarantee specific flower varieties to be included.

Can I order just centerpieces for a shower, birthday party, rehearsal dinner, etc.?
You bet! You can customize your own floral package based on the items that best suit your event needs so long as your order meets the $500 minimum investment before delivery and sales tax.

I have already submitted my A La Carte order. Can I add additional items to it?
In most cases, yes! So long as you give us a heads up at least 10 days prior to your event date. Please write us at with your adds and we will be happy to further advise. Payment for all items added to an existing order will be due with 48 hours of invoice receipt.

Can I cancel my order for a refund?
You can cancel your A La Carte order a minimum of 21 days prior to your event date for a refund less a $95 administrative fee. A notice of cancellation must be sent in writing via email to and must be received prior to the 21 day mark. Orders cancelled once within 21 days of the event date will forfeit any payments as liquidated damages in exchange for The Rogue Rose reserving time in their production schedule and turning away other potential orders. Funds may also go towards covering costs of perishable product and labor which may already be incurred at the time of cancellation. 

Where is pickup?
If you opt for pickup we will have you blooms ready for you at our studio located at the below address:

500 E Arapaho Road
STE 101
Richardson, TX 75081

Can I pick up my flowers prior to my event date?

It depends! We always recommend picking up the day-of to ensure quality. Pending the specific items requested and the weather conditions we may allow pickup the day before. Keep in mind we cannot guarantee the condition of the flowers once they are signed for and leave our studio. We will provide all pickup orders with directions on how to best handle and store flowers to keep them looking lovely. If you are wondering if your order can be picked up prior to your event date please write us at

Do I need to bring packaging for floral items if picking up from your studio?
We will carefully package all of your items for you to ensure the best means of transportation possible. No need to bring your own packaging.

Can I change my delivery or pickup window?
After we receive your order we will email you to confirm what one hour delivery or pickup window you would like for us to reserve for you. Times will be reserved on a first come first serve basis. We may be able to adjust to an alternative time after the fact, pending what our schedule looks like for that day at the time of your request, but this is not guaranteed. Please submit any requests to change your delivery or pickup window to

Can I have items in my order delivered to two different locations (i.e. ceremony venue and reception venue)?
In an effort to make sure that we can serve all of our clients in a timely manor on the day of their event we are only able to offer one location drop for each A La Carte order.

Will you setup floral items upon delivery?
We do not offer setup service for A La Carte orders. Instead we offer "inside delivery" and will place your flowers inside your delivery location in a safe place near the entry door. 

Will you light the candles that we purchase from you?
We do not place out or light any candles purchased with A La Carte orders. 

How much is delivery?
We deliver within a 45 mile radius from our studio located at 500 E Arapaho Rd, Richardson, TX 75081. Please see below for estimated delivery costs. Delivery fees will be calculated at checkout based on exact mileage to your venue.

Studio Pickup - FREE                      21 - 25 miles $200  
1 - 5 miles $100                                          26 - 30 miles $225          
6 - 10 miles $125                                        31 - 35 miles $250
11 - 15 miles $150                                       36 - 40 miles $275
16 - 20 miles $175                                      41 - 45 miles $300

Are A La Carte orders the same as DIY?
We design and construct all bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, flower crowns, centerpieces, and garlands for you. You will just be responsible for placing out these items, as well as any candles, out to your liking. If opting for items such as cake flowers or loose greenery you will need to get your creative juices flowing to style these yourself.

Do you offer centerpiece or bouquet "mockups" with A La Carte orders?
We do not offer design mockups for A La Carte orders.

Can I purchase a bridal portrait bouquet with my A La Carte order?
We do not offer bridal portrait bouquets for A La Carte orders.

How long will my flowers last after my event?
Unlike purchasing flowers where maximum freshness is ideal for enjoying them over an extended period of time in a home, office, etc., we take special care to condition all of our flowers to look their most fabulous all at one time for the event date. Often times this means "pre-aging" specific flowers in order to encourage them to open and show all of their lovely petals (no tight bud grocery store roses!). Because of this, please keep in mind that your flowers may not last much longer past the event date. Delicate floral items such as bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres may also show signs of wear towards the end of the event due to a lack of water source. Not to worry! Everyone will be having a blast on the dance floor by that time.

Do I need to return any of the vases?
All of the vases are yours to keep, donate, or give to friends and family.



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