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requently Asked Questions


How much will my flowers cost?

This is always the big question! The answer is - it depends. In order to determine a realistic budget for your event floral it is usually best to first start with your total event budget and work backwards. We usually recommend starting with 10% of your overall costs as a ballpark number. For example, if you have budgeted to spend $40,000 on your wedding, you may want to plan to spend about $4,000 on floral. Similarly, if you have an overall budget of $70,000 you may want to anticipate allocating closer to $7,000 to your floral. However, when it comes to events, floral costs can vary widely depending on your personal taste and expectations. There are also other factors such as the quantity of tables, number of bridesmaids, etc. that can have a big impact on cost. A professional event planner can be a wonderful resource when it comes to developing (and sticking to!) a proper budget for your event.

To get you started and to determine if The Rogue Rose might be the right fit for you, you can review a copy of our average pricing for a few of the most common floral elements by clicking here. Keep in mind this is based on averages, so pricing may vary. 

What types of budgets do your cater to?

The Rogue Rose caters to Full-Service design orders that range from $2,500 - $10,000. The majority of our wedding client's spend between $4,000 - $6,000 on average. For client's with simpler needs, we offer pickup options in the $500 - $1,500 range. We also love helping out our corporate clients with floral needs for their holiday partys, luncheons, etc. 

Do I need to come for a consultation for Full-Service design?

Our best recommendation is YES! The style of design, types of flowers used, cost, etc. can vary widely when it comes to event floral pending each client's personal taste and expectations; therefore, a consultation is an important step in ensuring that we have a solid idea of your vision and can provide you with the most accurate proposal possible. An in-person consultation at our studio is also beneficial because it provides you with the opportunity to see different vase options, candles, and rentals items in person. We want you to feel good about your decision when it comes to booking your event florist so the more detailed we can be regarding your potential investment the better. 

For simpler needs such Customer Pickup orders which fall below our minimum for Full-Service design, pricing can be provided following a phone consultation. See our page on the different levels of service we offer for details.

What does "Full-Service" mean?

Do I get to keep the flowers?

Do you require a deposit?